What’s so awesome about the 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon EcoDiesel? Ask this Lifelong Jeep Enthusiast!

November 23rd, 2020 by

I’m what you might call a dyed-in-the-wool Jeep enthusiast. It’s almost part of my DNA – I’m on my 19th Jeep now! I enjoy owning, driving, and modifying Jeeps – and having my family and friends in on the action is a huge part of the fun. As many other Jeep owners understand, I am fully immersed in the Jeep lifestyle! To me, it’s more than just a car. So when my friends at Cross Jeep asked me to tell them what I thought about the new 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon EcoDiesel, I jumped at the chance. So, let’s go!


To start, I will tell you that the latest 2021 Ecodiesel Rubicon Wrangler from Cross Jeep could be my favorite model yet. This new Jeep is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! All 19 Jeeps I’ve owned have been modified in some way, shape, or form. I’ve customized many to accommodate HEMI® V8 engines over the years in order to gain horsepower and torque, yet this factory installed Ecodiesel engine in this Wrangler is REALLY COOL…!!!


Most of my Jeep builds throughout the years have been “overland-type” Jeeps, so travel range and torque were always at the top of my wish list. But with the HEMI’s high torque and low MPG, the range suffered a lot. So, although the odometer reads less than 1,000 miles on my new 2021 Wrangler EcoDiesel, I’m seeing 23.6 MPG average overall. And with my current tankful, my around-town driving has seen as high as 29.8 MPG. With this 2021 Jeep Wrangler EcoDiesel, you can have the best of both worlds – good torque AND range. It’s a Win Win!


Living in Florida, I must admit, I may be in love with the wrong vehicle. “Jeeping” in Florida doesn’t really offer much for me. I want to Go West!! Moab! Colorado! Rubicon Trail! I want a view and a challenge. Not swamps, mud, and salty sand. So now getting 23-26 MPG traveling with the 2021 Wrangler EcoDiesel, I no longer need to refuel every 90 minutes like before. I love that!


I must say, Jeep is building one heck of a Wrangler now. We really don’t have to “change” or “modify” our Wranglers near as much as we have in the past. It’s as though Jeep has already done it for us. My specs and build for this Jeep, compared to some of my previous builds, will be relatively tame. My plans for this build are as follows:


AEV 2.5” suspension system, AEV rear bumper/tire carrier, fuel caddy, mud flaps, and Borah wheels within some BFGoodrich® KM3 37” tires. I’ll add a 10K WARN Zeon winch to the factory Jeep steel bumper, some Baja Design LED lights, and ARB air compressor, as well as possibly a few inside “organizing” items for the interior. But that’s about it, done! This new 2021 Rubicon Wrangler EcoDiesel comes so well equipped directly from Jeep, it is practically ready to go as-is. And that’s saying something coming from a diehard Jeep enthusiast.


Without question, I really feel this Wrangler EcoDiesel easily could be one of my favorite Jeeps I’ve ever owned. I really look forward to getting out West exploring with it as we love to do. Thank you to all of the Cross Jeep staff that have supported me over the years and I look forward to continuing our Jeep adventures together.



Ben Hedrick



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