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At Cross Jeep, we make the financing process easy. This way you can get behind the wheel of your new vehicle that much faster, whether you’ll be trekking through the country in a new Jeep or cruising the city streets in a new Fiat.

You’ll find many different finance resources right on our website. Under the Apply for Finance page, you will be taken directly to the Chrysler Capital site, where you can easily input some basic information and learn about your financial options, all without impacting your credit score. From this site you can also directly start the finance application process with ease.

You can also use our payment calculator to easily calculate the monthly payment you can expect given your financial and vehicular needs (no calculator needed; we do the math for you). You can also calculate monthly payment options directly while looking at any vehicle on our site! Just click “customize” under “finance” on the right. After inputting some basic information, such as zip code and credit score, you can easily calculate a monthly payment.

Have a vehicle to trade in? You can even appraise your current vehicle from our site! With some basic information about your car, you can get an accurate estimate for your vehicle in just 10 seconds. At Cross we always pay top dollar for your current vehicle, and you can always count on a fair appraisal.

After you have picked a vehicle that’s right for you and gone through these initial steps, we encourage you to browse our vehicle protection plans. We all know how stressful it can be when cars have mechanical problems. Not only is it a hassle that can get in the way of your plans, but the financial strain can be a nightmare. The good news is at Cross Jeep we offer plenty of different plans so you can hit the road with ease of mind, knowing that if something goes wrong you are covered.

Something to consider, is a vehicle service contract that can come in handy after the warranty of the vehicle ends. Warranties don’t last as long as the vehicles themselves typically does. It’s always a good idea to take time in researching which plan would be right for your lifestyle.

At Cross, Jeeps are one of our specialties. We know as tough as they are, they are prone to wear and tear every now and then, especially when in the hands of an adventurous driver. We have plenty of protection plans to cover you if you are the type of driver who likes to push their off road adventures to the extreme. The “Environmental Protection” and “Paintless Dent Repair” are a couple great examples of the many different vehicle protection plans at Cross.

If you are interested in learning more about these protection plans for your Jeep, Chrysler, or Fiat, click here.

No matter where you plan on travelling or what you use your car for, we want to make sure you are covered. At Cross, we always want to make sure you can experience a worry and hassle free driving experience; not just when you buy the car, but for years to come.

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