Tips for Selling Your Used Jeep during COVID

July 20th, 2020 by

If you’re a Jeep owner who’s been meaning to upgrade, or try out another vehicle, but haven’t quite gotten around to selling your Jeep yet, then you ought to know that now is a great time to sell your Jeep. This blog is going to be dedicated to giving you the information and advice you need to maximize the value of your Jeep when you sell it during covid-19. 


Jeep Repairs and Refinishes 


If your Jeep is in good condition we suggest you do what you can to boost its appeal when you bring it into the dealership. You don’t need to break the bank to do this! Things as simple as giving it a thorough wash before driving in, or giving the car interior a deep cleaning, can help quite a bit. The more “presentable” your Jeep appears, the better a chance you have of getting a good deal. Leaving the detailing labor to the dealership is tempting, but may not be worth it at the end of the day. 


As a general rule, the less work you’re going to make the dealership do to make your car sellable the better. If there’s any repair work on your Jeep that would cost a hefty price, then you’re probably better off just bringing the car in to sell. 


Many car owners whose car is heavily damaged assume that the scrapyard is the only place their vehicle belongs. This is patently untrue. In fact, a good number of dealerships will buy vehicles that are in what car owners would consider very bad condition. Of course, you can’t expect amazing price offers for a car that’s suffered a very bad collision, but most dealerships will give a fair offer for what you bring in. 


Though the Jeep is a stronger car than most others, it can still suffer damage that would cost upwards of thousands of dollars in repairs. If you’re in this situation and are unsure if you want to break the bank to keep your Jeep, then selling it to a Jeep dealership would probably be your best option. Due to the enduring popularity of Jeeps (not to mention their durability), a damaged Jeep is more valuable than a good deal of other damaged vehicles, so you may be surprised at the price you get for it. 

Pros and Cons of Different Jeep Buyers


There are a few routes you can go if you want to sell a Jeep


You can go online or ask around to find an individual private seller interested in buying a vehicle. If the vehicle is in decent condition, chances are you can end up netting what looks like the best deal, but not long term.  Many private sellers have not completed a certified inspection, have no warranties, and aren’t going to help you when something goes wrong. Most private seller deals end poorly a few months or year down the road. There have even been many Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist buyers who, for whatever reason, back out of a deal at the last minute, or suffer from buyer’s remorse (typically they will “find” an issue with the vehicle that they will say justifies a full refund).


The dealership is recommended–you’re more likely to get a better deal and we’re biased but we know at Cross Jeep we can give you the best value for your vehicle.


You can sell to a scrapyard if your Jeep is heavily damaged. Many scrapyards pay decent money for vehicles in pretty bad conditions, so don’t discount it.


We hope you learned a thing or two from this article, and we wish you good luck in your efforts for selling your Jeep during Covid19! 


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