Jeep Owners: Which Type Are You?

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Jeep Owners: Which Type Are You?
August 22, 2018

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When you own a jeep, you are automatically welcomed into an international family of jeep owners. The camaraderie among jeep owners, worldwide, is fascinating. So fascinating, in fact, that there is actually a term for it known as the “Jeep Wave”. If you own a jeep and a driver whom you don’t know acknowledges you by waving, don’t worry, it’s all in good fun as this is the warm reality of most jeep drivers or “Jeepers” out there. In this article, we will provide information about existing types of jeep owners and, of course, more on the jeep wave because there can never be enough kindness on the roadways.

The “Jeep Wave”
The “jeep wave” is a shared gesture of friendship, familiar among jeep owners all around the world. Although this may seem like nonsense to some, the friendly expression is pretty significant in the jeep community. People see the jeep wave as an act of recognition, unification and community. However, some drivers don’t take part in this practice, and this type of jeep owner is referred to as a ‘regular jeep driver’ who treats his or her jeep like any other vehicle, simply as a mode of transportation.

There are also rules or hierarchy when it comes to the jeep wave. The jeep hand wave is based on things like:
– Whether your jeep is a daily driver or an offroad monster
– The model and year of your jeep
– Other classic Jeep factors

Oftentimes people do not seem to pay much attention to these rules, they just wave to show their camaraderie to fellow Jeepers.

The Two Types of Jeep OwnersCustom Jeep Rebuilds Louisville
Jeep owners in all regions are often categorized into two different, specific types. The first kind of jeep owner is a functional jeep owner. This jeep owner uses his or her jeep as a normal mode of transportation and doesn’t get involved with the hype of owning a jeep. Functional jeep owners have no intention of “suping up” their jeep, which some may say is a waste of a good jeep. Most of the time, this type of jeep owner will still have the jeep doors and top hood intact, without any extra gear or gadgets for adventuring. Functional jeep owners often do not make any modifications to their jeep.

On the other hand, we have the Jeepers. Jeepers are the second, more eclectic and team-spirited type of jeep owner. Jeepers are the true, hardcore fans of jeep life. They can’t just sit around and relax, but rather they have to be out exploring the land in their jeeps, on of off the road, at all times. Aside from this, Jeepers also contribute to the society by giving back. One untold treasure about the jeep community is that it is one of the kindest and charitable groups of people around. If you ask us, we need more Jeepers in the world!

(Want to join the Jeep Community? Click here to become a Jeeper.)

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