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What is the difference between all-wheel drive, full-time and part-time 4×4 systems?


A Full-Time 4×4 system operates by default in four-wheel drive and can travel safely and securely on all surfaces. The system uses either a clutch or a center differential to allow the front and rear driveshafts to turn at varying speeds. Whether the road is covered in snow or is dry as dirt, this system can be utilized confidently and is highly recommended if you live in a volatile weather area most of the time. 


All-Wheel Drive (AWD) is very similar to full-time Four-Wheel Drive (4WD). This system also powers all four wheels of a vehicle at all times. It can be used full-time on all surfaces, including pavement, like full-time 4WD. The only difference is that a ”4-low” setting is not available on AWD vehicles making AWD vehicles much less capable in off-road settings than full-time 4WD vehicles.


Part-Time 4WD operates by default as a two-wheel drive vehicle. Unlike the full-time system, part-time 4WD doesn’t use a center differential. The system instead locks the front and rear driveshafts, making it better for use exclusively during off-road travel or challenging road conditions. When on dry pavement or under normal driving conditions, the driver should switch to the vehicle’s two-wheel-drive mode. 

On-Demand 4WD systems operate primarily in two-wheel drive during normal driving conditions and 4WD engages automatically when a slippery surface such as snow or mud is encountered.


Who makes Jeeps?

A. Daimler Chrysler makes Jeep.


Do Jeep suvs have heated seats?

A. Jeep Grand Cherokee, Commander, Liberty and Compass models all have an option of heated seats.

Who backs the Mopar Vehicle Protection?

A. FCA US LLC backs our plans, and will pay for repairs to your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep® , Ram, FIAT® or Alfa Romeo vehicle, according to the terms and conditions described in your personalized plan provision.

What do the letters in Jeeps signify?

A.The letters stand for the body type of the Jeep. For example, body type CJ stood for civilian Jeep. 

How noisy are soft top Jeep half doors?

A. They can be pretty noisy and just depends on the drive.

Can Jeep Wranglers Tow?

A. Yes, Jeep Wranglers can tow. The towing capacity of the Jeep Wrangler can vary by model year and equipment; consult your owners manual for more information. 

How did Jeep get its name?

A. The Jeep had many nicknames during World War II such as “quad,” but soldiers often referred to the Jeep as a 4X4 truck because of its off road abilities.

Jeeps were made by the Ford Motor Company through a contract with the military. 277,000 Jeeps were made during World War II. The Ford Motor Company stamped Jeeps with the initials of GP on it which stood for “general purpose.” These stamps were known as GP-Willys as that’s what the military referred to the vehicle as before it was named “Jeep”. A reason behind GP standing for “general purpose” could be because the Jeep was used for many different things throughout the war. The newspapers started calling this new “machinery” Jeep and it stuck. 

Where are Jeeps Made?

A. Jeeps are produced in the United States, Toledo, Ohio.


Which Jeep Model has 7 Seats?

A.Jeep’s Grand Cherokee model offers seven seats.

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