Jeep AEV Builds & Conversions

May 1st, 2020 by

We get a lot of questions at Cross Jeep on AEV vehicles and if we build them in house. We wanted to take some time to explain what AEV means and define our in-house capabilities.


American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) was founded in 1997 in Montana, United States, and is a manufacturer of off-road and overland vehicle parts and accessories, as well as turnkey off-road vehicle packages, primarily based on Jeep Wranglers, but since 2015 also on Ram Pickups.  Front and rear bumpers, hoods, wheels, suspension lifts, badging and interior finishes are all designed to work in harmony both aesthetically and through performance parameters. 


AEV’s are designed for any off-road adventure and are engineered to handle any harsh weather and rough condition. All AEV’s are OE-level tested in controlled and real-world environments. These vehicles were built to not only look and feel top-quality but designed to handle any off-road terrain.


We are proud of the innovations and design features that AEV’s bring. AEV’s principles of design and quality provide the safety and assurance of giving you the best off-road experience. There are several features that give these vehicles the unique service to you. For example, the Heat Reduction Hood for Jeep Wranglers helps cool the engine to work for you.


AEV’s are proud to be American manufacturing for the Jeep Wrangler and Ram models. Our company’s mission to give the best and products for more than over two decades proves that these vehicles will last. The off-road communities trust and recommend these products time and time again.


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